May 17-18, 2019
Top Golf Miami Gardens
Miami, FL
Spend 2 days with top dentists as they share their secrets for unconventional practice success.
Regular Fee $2295 | First 20 registrations save $600 | only 60 spots available
The Hot Seat ticket is your front row ticket to get your practice back on track. With only 1 ticket available, one attendee will have their practice issues diagnosed by the POF experts live on stage, and they will go home with an action plan to put them back on the right path. Purchase the Hot Seat ticket on top of your registration before it sells out!
One weekend a year, Practice On Fire docs take time away from their busy practices to share their latest unconventional secrets, insights, and hacks.
These aren't the typical systems and checklists sold by consultants. These are real solutions created by real dentists just like you who are innovating, testing, and implementing these solutions every day.
What if it didn't have to be?

Nobody told us how hard it would be to run a successful dental practice.

They said, “Just treat your patients like family and everything will be fine”. And, “Corner the soccer mom demographic to dominate your market”. Or how about, “Treat your staff like children – you’ve got to teach them boundaries and rules and accountability”.

All lies.

Lies sold as “best practices” that should really be called “average practices”, because everyone else is trying to do the exact same thing. Lies peddled by “experts” who are good at observing but have never actually done what you and I do every day – juggling the demands of our patients, our practice, and our family.

We follow their advice/systems/manuals/best practices and STILL 93% of dentists feel like they are on the treadmill of being over-worked and over-stressed. And it is a treadmill – tons of effort only to find out you are right back where you started.

If you’re tired of doing the same thing and getting the same results, you’re probably struggling with one (or both!) of these problems: 
Problem #1: You are dragged down by having to manage and motivate your team. 
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could focus on taking care of your patients rather than worrying about if your team is doing their jobs properly?

Most docs believe that “ownership mentality” is a myth. They blame their staff problems on millennials. Or on laziness. Or on staff that need to be treated like children.

And then the “experts” tell us that staff need recipes, rules, and repercussions. That everything can be systemized like a McDonald’s franchise. Or that there is a checklist for every problem.

Ha! If only it was as simple as throwing yet another manual at our teams. If you’re anything like us, I bet you’ve tried plenty of times to implement systems and been met with feet-dragging and eye-rolling. We're sure your staff are wonderful people, just like ours, but like virtually everyone else on Earth they are naturally resistant to change and most comfortable in their own little universe.
It’s exhausting and emotionally draining when the very people you’re paying to HELP you, are the roadblocks STOPPING your practice from reaching the next level.
Problem #2: You wish you had more of the RIGHT KIND of new patients

Chasing new patients is another treadmill game – lots of effort without the progress to match. That’s because you’ve been going about it all wrong. But it’s not your fault. You just haven’t been enlightened to a better way… yet.

It’s tiring having to deal with patients who view your services as a commodity – interchangeable, negotiable, and comparable to every other dentist in town. And when you finally “win” them over… then what? You find out they are insurance dependent and can’t afford your services anyways.
How much would your practice explode if you had more high-value, highly-motivated patients who see you as an authority, seek you out for treatment, and are eager to say yes?
Do these problems sound familiar to you - unmotivated staff and low-value patients? They should. Virtually every survey out there shows these 2 problems to be the biggest sources of stress for us dentists. Probably because most of us are following the same playbook – conventional wisdom gets you conventional success. Stuck on the treadmill. Working way too hard for too little progress. Your practice adding to your stress rather than contributing to your freedom.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can build a practice that buys you more time, freedom and a life filled with more of what you love.

We know, because we’ve been in your shoes too.
Our names are 
Dr. Graham Dersley and Dr. Michael Ling.
We are not consultants, coaches, gurus, or vendors. We are regular full-time dentists just like you. And just like you, not long ago, we too felt like working in dentistry was a lot like being on a never-ending treadmill of running around putting out fires all day long, dealing with staff drama and putting up with low-value patients.

A slave to our businesses. Like it was an anchor, constantly dragging us away from our patients and our family.
That was true until we discovered the secret to making my business work FOR us, instead of against us. Our business, personal, and family lives skyrocketed.

So, what’s the secret to our success? It’s simple:  
If you do what everyone else is doing, best case scenario you will end up like everyone else.
Einstein said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
But do you know what's just as insane?  Doing the same thing as your competition and expecting to come out on top.
When we started out and didn't know any better, we attended all the same conferences and followed all the same experts.  Which meant we ended up frustrated and chained to our practices just like the 93% of struggling dentists. 

So, we decided to do things differently – we went against the grain.

When they zig, you zag.

If you want to excel, you have to be willing to do the things others won’t.
So, if you want a truly self-managing team… Think different and ignore conventional wisdom. 

Build a team that thinks and acts like owners.
  •  No lame motivational speeches  (You're not Tony Robbins)
  •  No cheesy team-building exercises  (You're not a grade school teacher either)
  •  No counting on bonuses, write-ups, rules, carrots, and sticks to right the ship
And if you want to get more high quality, high value, highly motivated patients... Think different and ignore conventional wisdom.

Make yourself magnetically irresistible to the right kinds of patients.
  •  No shotgun approach  (You don't have to be everything to everybody)
  •  No ads bragging about how you "treat patients like family and look at the list of cool treatment we can do!"  (Which is what every other dentist in your town says too)
  •  No creating value  (And other sales techniques that make you feel dirty)
Who is this for?
We meet dentists from all over the continent at our events. Some of them are just starting out and are overwhelmed with all the misleading information out there – what’s the best bang for their buck to gain traction in their young practices?

And then there are docs a little farther along in their journey. They have great clinical skills but are frustrated because they don’t get to do the treatment they love as much as they wish they could.

Finally, there are those that are doing quite well. They’ve achieved conventional success that is the envy of the average doc. But they know they can do even better, if they could just break through this plateau.

Three different types of dentists. Three different problems. And we believe the solution is simple:

1. Build a self-managing, self-motivating team.

2. Get more of the right kinds of patients who are eager to say yes to the kinds of dentistry you love.
Once you find out how to effectively do these two things, everything becomes easier.
You’ll be one of the rare few docs who have a business that works for them, not against them.

You’ll be laser-focused dealing with the patients you want to treat.

And most importantly, you’ll have more time to relax and be with your family. 
In 2014, our private close-knit group of Top Dentists decided to share the secrets of our mastermind group via an exclusive live event aimed at peers who want to grow their business by going against the grain. 
We called it… Practice on Fire.
This year the event will be held on May 17-18, 2019 at Top Golf Miami Gardens in Miami, Florida.
This year the event will be held on May 17-18, 2019 at Top Golf Miami Gardens in Miami, Florida.
Practice on Fire features real dentists, speaking about real ways to take your dental clinic to the next level. They are innovating, testing, and implementing these ideas every single day in their own offices (not like the “experts” who tell you how things are supposed to work in theory but haven’t ever actually experienced it for themselves). 
We all take ONE weekend away from our busy practices every year to share our latest secrets and insights.
When you attend, you’ll get an exclusive firsthand peek behind the curtain at how the best of the best grow self-managing teams, how they acquire a steady stream of the right kind of patients and much, much more.

In this day and age, and especially in your ultra-competitive part of the country, you must invest in your practice’s future. If you don’t do it, nobody will. We personally spend upwards of $50,000 each year on clinical and business education. And we’ve never regretted a single cent.

Other CE events will cost you 1000's of dollars and will cram in thousands of attendees with a scattered agenda of the same old recycled material.
 This year, in order to preserve our grass-roots, "annual get-together with friends" feel, we are limiting registration to only the first 60 doctors.  
If you've been to our previous events, you will know that we normally sell out rooms of 100+ seats. So these 60 spots will go FAST.  
Registration is $2,295.  If you act fast and take advantage of our Special Pre-Launch Pricing, you save $600.  

Registration is about the price of a single implant surgery, a couple crowns or one short term ortho case - and don’t worry, you’ll have no problems landing plenty of these cases after listening to us. 

Guaranteed. Let us explain…
We understand that you’ve got lots of options for CE. We've all been burned before with unfulfilled or exaggerated promises. And we know haven't heard most of our speakers on the regular lecture circuit (we avoid those “normal” conferences like the plague - take advice from the herd and end up in the middle of the pack!)

And we are asking you to take a day away from your practice and your family (or maybe bring them with you to beautiful Miami and enjoy a vacation paid through your practice expenses?).

That’s why we literally guarantee this will be well worth your time and money with our Zero Risk, You’re Going to Love It, 100% Money-Back Guarantee.
Sound fair? Ready to open your eyes to a whole different way of thinking? 

Then we will see you at Top Golf in Miami, May 17-18, 2019.

Dr. Graham Dersley 
Dr. Michael Ling
“All I can say is WOW! This was like the TED-Talks of Dentistry. Opened my eyes to ideas I didn't even know existed or were possible. So happy I met these amazing docs.”
Dr. Jarett Hulse
Austin, TX
“I loved getting to talk to people who are alike in their careers and I was inspired by all the professionals.  If you are thinking about going, all I can say is SIGN UP AND GO!!!”
Dr. Lalisa Yaowarattana
Grand Terrance, CA
“I enjoyed the honesty and integrity of the speakers, and the availability of the speakers afterwards. I liked the long breaks to talk to others and the speakers. The social night was great. Heartfelt expressions. Seamless execution. Great hotel. This meeting opened my eyes and touched my heart. Wow!!!”
Dr. Alvaro Fernandez-Carol
Miami, FL
“Well organized event! I can appreciate how much planning, goes into an event this large … all excellent work! Strongest part of this event really are the participants, the guys and ladies that are here are some of the most interesting dentists. Great group! Great lectures! Great venue! Great material!” 
Dr. Danny Domingue
Lafayette, LA
“The best event of the year. I go to tons of courses and conferences and Practice on Fire is the best - it's not even close. The best part is meeting new friends that inspire me and I can't wait to see them next year!” 
Dr. Matt Healey
Billerica, MA
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